How to revert my deployment in galaxy.meteor hosting to previous version?

Hi all, Seasonal greetings. I have many deployments in my galaxy.meteor hosting. I want to know how do i revert my latest deployment into previous one or any suitable one. Is that any option available in galaxy.meteor hosting???


I was wondering the same, seem like there is no option to revert to a previous version yet.

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I was thinking the same…:sweat_smile:

I dont think it is, no.

I know this isn’t the answer to your question, however your best bet is to use git, therefore you could of reverted to a previous commit and deployed again to Galaxy. Obviously this is a solution for going forward.

Good luck!

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I was just looking for an answer to this, I recently deployed to galaxy… Every time I deploy it increments the version, so I thought that implies I could go back and forth on the deployed versions if necessary… I know
I can use git, but I’d be really happy if this was a part of galaxy, at least 1 version back would be great.

This issue has been opened 2 years ago… anyway there’s a way to do this I’m not aware of?