How to revert package version to earlier date without auto-updates restoring wrong version? (observe-sequence)

I’m attempting to revert to an earlier version of observe-sequence due to a bug that has not been repaired yet (as mentioned in this topic: Manuel:viewmodel broken with latest updates?

I’m having issues as the package version automatically updates. I have tried reverting through the typical way of “meteor add” w/ version number, as well as trying to edit the versions file.

Every time I do this, in the console I will get the following message:

Changes to your project's package version selections:

observe-sequence  upgraded from 1.0.14 to 1.0.15

I also tried meteor remove observe-sequence, then reinstalling @1.0.14:

meteor add observe-sequence@=1.0.14
 => Errors while adding packages:

While selecting package versions:
error: No version of observe-sequence satisfies all constraints: @=1.0.14, @1.0.15
Constraints on package "observe-sequence":
* observe-sequence@=1.0.14 <- top level
* observe-sequence@1.0.15 <- top level
* observe-sequence@1.0.12 <- blaze 2.1.8 <- accounts-base 1.2.14 <- accounts-password 1.3.4
* observe-sequence@1.0.12 <- blaze 2.1.8 <- blaze-html-templates 1.0.1-anubhav.0
* observe-sequence@1.0.12 <- spacebars 1.0.12

Any idea how I could prevent this automatic update from happening?? This is very frustrating, and I am in dire need of a fix until the bug in observe-sequence is repaired…