How to run meteor in production on Cent OS?

I am building an enterprise software that will be primarily consumed on the web. I am wondering how I can deploy the meteor project to my production server that is a Cent OS Linux machine.

I currently run it using the following command:
nohup meteor &

The above method has the following issues:

  1. Meteor frequently crashes without emitting any error message. Typically I have noticed it when more than 1 person is accessing the server.
  2. I can’t run it using forever or upstart since it is not executing as a node service.

The closest that I came to deployment was using ‘mup’ which unfortunately only works with Ubuntu.

I tried the ‘meteor build’ command, but that requires me to specify the path to ANDROID_HOME and to the Android SDK which I don’t intend to use.

Has anyone successfully deployed toan RHEL server?

Any pointers would be helpful.

Arpan Dhandhanai

Unless I’m mistaken, then the Android SDK is only required if you have added an “Android platform” to build

I definitely did not I add an “android platform” intentionally. Is there a way to confirm that it is not been added?

Try running meteor list-platforms and see what it outputs

I am testing this with the generic leaderboard app. list-platforms renders the following output:

You can check out my fork of mup for CentOS 7, mplz (uses pure systemd). The /scripts directory might help you.