How to run meteor local server



Is there any alternative way to run meteor local server instead of command prompt?
My be its funny but I can’t work well with command prompt.



Write a batch file that runs the command prompt for you?

If you want to do full-stack JS programming you’re going to have to learn command prompt sooner or later


and move to linux or mac btw.


Thanks for comments.

Can I make a meteor project in windows in another partition(not C)?
Or I can make it just in C?


Moving to Linux or Mac isn’t necessary. At my work we have devs using both Mac and Windows and deploy mostly on Windows for our Meteor apps.

I haven’t tested personally, but I can’t think of any reason you couldn’t make your meteor project on any drive. As long as Meteor is installed on the system and is on your PATH


I have a vague recollection about problems with MongoDB running on a mapped or USB drive in Windows. Other than that, I agree 100% with @coagmano - I develop on Windows and Linux and have had no issues with either.


Can you please let me know how can I make a meteor project on another drive?

There are some softwares can make this kind of to .EXE. What your idea about this?

Most of my web developing exprience is by and visual studio and not familiar with this kinds of projects:no_mouth: