How to run mongod command in meteor?


Hi, I’m trying to create replica sets and I’m following along tutorials and I can’t seem to run the “mongod” command. (or where should I run it?)

Anyone have any idea? Thanks in advance.


You can try meteor mongo console command after starting meteor instance.
Not Mongo expert, but surely you need to down & install Mongo binaries from, as Meteor doesnt provide Mongo utilities by default.


Please post the link or links of the tutorials you’re following so it’s clear what commands specifically you’re referring to and what exactly you’re trying to accomplish.

In general:
If you don’t need it then don’t bother manually setting up your own MongoDB server/cluster. If you’re just getting started stick with the meteor command for development and access the mongo shell through calling meteor mongo once Meteor is running (i.e. in another console window/tab).
And then for production use just use either something like if you can afford it or get a $5 DigitalOcean instance with the MEAN stack on it and MongoDB will already be fully installed and running and you can then use a much simpler tutorial for production deployment where you only have to set the right MONGO_URL and that’s all regarding MongoDB.


Assuming you have mongo installed on your local machine you just have to turn on mongo by running mongod and you can connect to it with meteor by running MONGO_URL=mongodb://localhost:27017/db_name meteor and you will connect your local meteor to your local mongo.


Thanks all for your replies! Sorry I was busy with work so I had to stop working on my side meteor project.

I was actually trying to set up replica sets because apparently elastic search requires it. But I’ve decided that this is probably way beyond my level right now and I will get back to this once I feel more ready!

Thanks for all your help!