How to save client meteor app to FS for offline browsing?


This seems to be a hard one:

  • A user connects to your meteor app:
  • At one point, he tries to save the page he with Firefox or Chrome: File > Save Page As... > Web page, complete....
    • (it’s not really a page but a single page app but anyway, page is the name the user usually use)
  • User expects to open the resulting saved folder using his browser and have a the readonly page/meteor app he saved.
  • User expects to retreive all the data that was loaded from the server at this time he saved it, navigating around and expects not to be able to load any data that is on the server.
  • User open up the folder some time later and is quite disappointed: all his expectations are broken :expressionless:.

How to give the user the ability to save the currently client meteor app loaded in his browser to his filesystem so that he can open it offline?