How to see what is preventing AutoForm 6 from installing?

I’m trying to update to the 6.0.0 version of AutoForm (because the 5.8.1 version isn’t compatible with simpl-schema 2.0) I already have collection2-core 2.0.0 and the simpl-schema NPM package installed but meteor update autoform says I’m at the latest compatible version. How can I find out what is preventing 6.0.0 from installing? I’ve looked through the .versions file in github and I seem to have newer versions of everything required. I could try to force the update to 6.0.0 but the last time I did that to a package it sucked in a bunch of beta package dependencies that broken my app.

I would:

  1. Verify that the old aldeed:simple-schema package has been removed
  2. Attempt to uninstall/re-install autoform
  3. Review the autoform dependencies (see and attempt to manual ferret out the offending package/s

Thanks. None of those solutions solved the problem, but did give me an idea of what to try. Manually removing simple-schema from .meteor/versions didn’t help, update just put it back. But removing aldeed:autoform and then adding it back did the trick.@mattl for the win!

Glad it worked! Happy to help, even if only to spur some thought.We’ve all been there I’m sure.