How to sell my Apps cheaper?

Hi guys, please I need your help on how I can sell apps at a cheap price.

Basically, I build a Kindergarten kids activity tracking App. Everything has been fine and school love it. But the only problem is the server and db cost make me sell the services a litle bit expensive.

Is there any way i can have a very very very low MeteorJS app hosting services. Something like meteor-now.

I’m trying to make it as my source of revenue. Please help.

Thank you so much,

Hey, I don’t know where you are located but clever cloud is a great solution imo. I have been using them for some time now (and have no shares, company ownership or any relation with them).

You can get a free shared mongoDb, Hosting for 14€ a month is already more than decent and then adapt according to your needs within their very reasonable prices. Putting in production is as simple as git push origin master if you link your github account…


Amazon EC2-micro free for a year. Deploy with MUP with the AWS Elastic BeanStalk plugin. DB free with Atlas up to 100 concurrent connections and 500 MB data storage just to get your backups done manually.
Media storage in S3… This is free Meteor for a year.

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If your app is not mission critical then you can deploy mongo on the same host as meteor using MUP. Then either use AWS free for a year as per @paulishca, and when then runs out Digitial Ocean is a bit cheaper at $5/mo for a 1GB 1vCPU instance which can happily run a meteor app and db.

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Aside from all suggestions, why would you want to offer your services at a lower price?

Maybe you should watch this talk :slightly_smiling_face:

I suggest you ensure to invest in good hosting and keep your school happy.


Thank you so much Guys, i appreciate the LOVE.
I had a looked into clever-cloud , it is pretty good as Scalingo. @ivo
I will consider amazon-ec2 later.

Thank you so much @deank. This video really helped.

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