How to send audio files from a Raspberry Pi 2 to a Meteor server?


Hi There,

Working on a small IoT project here using a Raspberry Pi 2 (running raspbian) for the hardware side of things and Meteor for the online stuff.

I have several .WAV files on the Pi and I need to be able to play those files on my Meteor site/app. I guess i have to somehow send those files to my databse from the Pi, but have no idea how to do this.

Any Pi - Meteor enthousiast here who can help me out?


If you run Meteor on the pi:

What might be a nice solution is to use: to send the files directly from the pi to s3. Then you can easily scale the solution by adding more pi’s.

Storing the files is also well possible with collectionFS:

If you don’t run Meteor on the pi:

What kind of scripts/language do you use?
There are many options here but in general you could just post an upload to your meteor app. Another things which might work well is to use for example the Lambda scripts from AWS to create a pipeline to process the files.