How to set Browser-policy, App.accessRule & iFrames, please?


I have an iFrame with an external source. I have browser and Cordova access to my app.

If I view the page via the Cordova app on Android I see ’ Refused to display 'https: in a frame because it set ‘X-Frame-Options’ to ‘DENY’.

On iOS the same code works, no error. If I view it on Chrome on Android it works.

Additionally, on the Android emulator I can display external images in an iFrame but on a real app, I just get a black box.

I see a ton of articles and the , which I have installed as well as the App.accessRules for Cordova.

I need some help to configure this as I am getting these inconsistent results depending on the platform/browser vs Cordova.

Any help appreciated.

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