How to set the typf of the collection in typescript?

I’m really new to typescript and wonder how to set a type to a collection.

  const user = useTracker(() =>Users.find({_id: userId}).fetch(), [

I have a Cannot find name 'Users'. Did you mean 'user'? error on my code editor.
I didn’t not mean user, the collection name is Users.

The thing is the users collection file is written in js not tsx.

Is there a way to define a type of the Users collection?

I use this on my project.

import { Meteor } from "meteor/meteor";
import { Mongo } from "meteor/mongo";
import { UserType } from "/imports/types/users";

const Users: Mongo.Collection<UserType> = Meteor.users;

export default Users;

Regarding the file extensions, I use .ts for everything except React component/hook which is .tsx

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‘users’ is predefined collection in Meteor. To access it you just to use Meteor.users.
If you have your own collections then you could do something like this

export interface Department {
  _id: string,
  name: string,
  description?: string,

export const Departments = new Mongo.Collection<Department>('departments');

Read docs here - Collections | Meteor API Docs

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Yes, for example, we do it this way:

export type User = Meteor.User & {
  _id?: string,
  email?: string,
  profile?: {
    fullname: string,
    telegramId?: number,
    // ...

export const useUsers = (
  selector?: Mongo.Selector<User>
): [ready: boolean, users: User[]] => useTracker(() => {
  const ready = Meteor.subscribe('users', selector).ready();
  const users = Meteor.users.find(selector).fetch() as User[];
  return [ready, users];
}, [JSON.stringify(selector)]);
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It looks like @minhna 's answer worked the best for me.
Thank you both for the help! @bladerunner2020