How to set up the development environment to contribute to Meteor on Windows 10

I wanted to contribute to meteor through the meteor repo on github. The is not helpful as the commands are giving errors on Windows 10 -
link to file
Could someone please guide me as to how I can setup the meteor environment to contribute to the repo?
I am getting this error-

Members here can start helping if you can post what exact errors you are encountering with what command

As a win 10 user, I’m just guessing. Try installing using gitBash or sub System linux instead of Windows’ terminals. Of course, if you specify the problem, those who know will help faster.

I am using git bash to run “./meteor --help” and getting the error “os not supported”

I strongly recommend you switch to running Meteor within WSL2 (Ubuntu 22.04) under Windows 10 or Windows 11.

This is my preferred Meteor development environment and other people who I have urged to switch to WSL2-based Meteor development have been very happy and never looked back.

Meteor builds apps much faster within WSL2 than under Windows. Also, the Windows version of VS Code has native support for editing files within the WSL2 Ubuntu environment, so you get the benefits of both worlds.