How to set up typescript for blaze?

I really love blaze,

and for next project I need to use typescript, but when I execute meteor create --typescript, I got react.

Can I use typescript in blaze?

how to set up typescript for blaze properly?

meteor create yourappname --typescript --blaze

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while typescript probably works with blaze, you won’t get any type-magic in blaze templates. There is a big advantage of having proper types on Components like you have in React with typescript. You know exactly what you have to pass to components and your components can precisely define what they need.
So personally, i recommend to take a look into react.

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If you or other blaze users would like to see TS support in the future, please open an issue on the GitHub repo (or comment / thumbs up if it already exists).

@filipenevola has just restored the tests / ci and we can now think about improving it :rocket: