How to share and access SASS variables/mixins etc. when using Meteor+Vue?

Hey everyone! I’m currently building a Meteor+Vue application and am using both fourseven:scss as well as akryum:vue-component which provides SASS support in a different way—

I was wondering what would the right way to share the SCSS variables and mixins that I put in a global file among the Vue SFC components? Do I have to import these every single time into the SFCs or is there a way to do it just once and have all the SFCs access it? I’m also guessing fourseven:scss is incompatible with Meteor+Vue.

I believe you can import it in the root SFC of your app as a global style which is the default if you do not have a scoped attribute in the tag:

But I never used fourseven:scss. I am using the CSS classes of Quasar:

I tried to do that Jacques and I don’t have it with scoped attribute but it still doesn’t persist throughout other child components.