How to share modules between packages in Meteor 1.3

With module support in Meteor 1.3, how can you share modules between packages? I’ve tried a lot of different combinations of things, but nothing seems to work yet…

A package called ‘name:package’ has a react component called ‘LargeButton’, and another package called ‘name:another-package’ wants to render this component.

I’m currently trying the following
’LargeButton.jsx’ inside ‘name:package’ defines the react class like so:
export default class LargeButton extends React.Component {....

Then exports ‘LargeButton’ in package.js:

name:another-package’ uses ‘name:package’ in package.js:

In the file inside ‘name:another-package’ that I want to use ‘LargeButton’, I import it like so:
import {LargeButton} from 'meteor/name:package';

But when I log LargeButton it is undefined… Any help would be appreciated!