How to showcase html of the page on Page view source?

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As Crawlers need to read the information based on Tags, We need HTML content to be displayed on the page when someone views the page source of the website.

This is important from an SEO point of View. We have the website built with Blaze & Meteor. Please let me know is there any way we can view the page source along with all the tags used?

Search about server side rendering (ssr) or pre-rendering

Can you share any references Please?


Read this SEO Essentials for Meteor. After three days of work, I finally got… | by Nathan Parrott | Medium

& Implemented Prerender IO

Meteor.startup(() => {
    let prerender = require("prerender-node")
    prerender.set("prerenderServiceUrl", "");
    prerender.set("prerenderToken", "TOKEN");
    prerender.set("protocol", "https");
    prerender.set("host", "");

Now I can see the URL being catched from prerender & having the HTML part as well. Please let me know the next actionables @rjdavid. By when can I expect Google to show case the same in search results?

If you deploy on Galaxy (Meteor Cloud) we include for free in all accounts.

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Basically, its already deployed on AWS & We cannot change it. Can you please provide other options

Also, Explored this
-The trusted source for JavaScript packages, Meteor resources and tools | Atmosphere

Is prerender is enough for the requirement or this package has more benefits.
@rjdavid @filipenevola please share your inputs on the same

Hi, you can learn more about services here

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Hi @rjdavid ,

I checked it using this command,
curl ‘’

& it’s showing me the proper HTML of the website. I think prerender IO configured, Is it all done or something still required to be configured? Please confirm

When can I expect Google to showcase the same in cache pages?

Only Google can answer your question

The procedure is right & nothing else is required, Correct?

Also, can you share which one should we use prerender or spiderable?

I don’t use both (I use ssr). The steps should have been posted on their respective websites

SSR works with Blaze also?

Have you searched this forum?

Yes, Would be great if you can share some example.

I use react and has no experience with blaze