How to solve error NG8002: Can't bind to 'routerLink' since it isn't a known property of 'a'.?

I work on angular 11 I face error when build angular app

ERROR in src/app/Employee-list/employee-list.component.html:22:45 - error NG8002: Can’t bind to
‘routerLink’ since it isn’t a known property of ‘a’.
Staff List

and below is package json file

@angular/animations”: “^11.2.14”,
@angular/cdk”: “^12.1.3”,
@angular/common”: “^11.0.0”,
@angular/compiler”: “^11.0.0”,
@angular/core”: “^11.0.0”,
@angular/forms”: “^11.0.0”,
@angular/material”: “^11.2.13”,
@angular/router”: “^11.2.14”,
@angular/cli”: “^11.0.0”,
@angular/compiler-cli”: “^11.0.0”

so How to solve issue ?

sample of app modules and component employee list exist as blow

What I have tried:

on app.module.ts application module I do as below :

import { RouterModule } from ‘@angular/router’;


imports: [