How to solve to use "Select Box", if it have 2000+ item from db?


For example I have 2 collections:

  • Address has 2000+
  • Customer has 2000+
    On Customer form has address select box that get from Address collection.
    But when I open the form, it is very slow (sometime crash).
    Please help me.


That seems like example usecase for select2 (but I am not sure if there is working package for that) .
Or custom element/template with similar functionality.

In case of customer, when you want to search more properties, I would even use elasticsearch.
There is nice tutorial here:


I use selection2 on autoform, but it is slow when open form (sometime crash).


I can’t look at what selection2 is as atmosphere seems to be unable to load any content right now, but from a pure UX perspective if you’re asking a user to select from 2000+ items you might consider an alternative interaction.


I use select2 of autoform.
Have any solutions for this?