How to source allowedValues in autoform externally?


I’m using autoforms coupled with simple-schema, collection2. I have a bunch of drop down menus which need to show exctly the same set of options in multiple places. Is there a way to source the allowedValues content externally? I know it currently works by specifying allowedValues in the schema itself, but over the course of time, any addition / deleteion made to that will have to be changed in all places.

Sure thing - allowedValues takes an array so just define your shared array somewhere, and reference that array when setting your allowedValues. For example:

  1. imports/api/widgets/widget_options.js
export const widgetOptions = [
  'Widget 1',
  'Widget 2',
  1. imports/api/widgets/schema.js
import { widgetOptions } from './widget_options';
const widgetSchema = new SimpleSchema({
  widgetVariations: {
    type: String,
    label: 'Variations',
    allowedValues: widgetOptions,

Oh wow. Many thanks for this! Let me quickly try this out. Looks like you’ve answered all of my questions posted in the help forum on different threads :slight_smile:

Quick follow up question on the import - Is this really necessary? It seems to work for me even without explicitely importing the array.

It depends on how you have your code structured. If you’re using Meteor’s ES2015 module support and their recommended imports directory approach (to leverage lazy loading), then yes it’s necessary.