How to specify --raw-logs when running a bundle

Locally, we can run meteor --raw-logs to disable timestamps from being added to each line of stdout. How do we achieve the same effect when running a bundle with node main.js?

I still haven’t worked this out. Is there a general way of passing meteor options when starting from a bundle’s main.js?

I think raw logs is the default for bundled apps. Just tried running our latest production bundle locally on OSX 10.10.5 and it is not adding the timestamp prefix.

But our production system on Amazon Linux running the same bundle does have the timestamp prefix in the logs. Not sure why we’re still getting the timestamp in production. Maybe some kind of switch in our deployment process that turns it back on?

Ah, found it. We are using a service logging daemon to do log rotation and its configured to prefix log lines with a timestamp: svlogd -tt <log dir>.

(For those interested, svlogd is provided as part of the runit process supervisor.)