How to stop Meteor "three strikes and you're out" server restarts?


I noticed if there’s an exception being thrown in the server, it will restart twice more. This is a big problem when failing to authorize on an API, as some will lock you out after three failures. Is there a way to make it so Meteor will just stop after the very first server-side exception and not try to restart?


To be clear, you’re referring to the development runner? meteor run is not designed for use in production.


I know that. I’m not running this in production.


Do you know how to catch these exceptions? You probably don’t want API failures to crash your server in production either (unless it’s part of initializing the server). I can help if you show what your API call looks like.


Yeah, I know how to catch exceptions. I don’t remember if catching them stops the 3 automatic server restarts. I’ll give it a shot