How to submit updated mobile app?

Hi All,

I have an IOS app developed and I’m going to send it to the review team soon.

What happens if I deploy my new code to mobile servers (consider which has some breaking changes like added new geolocatio code OR some method returning different kind of value )

As it is a breaking change I’ll submit the new app for review.

What happens in the mean time?
Case 1: if I deploy changes to servers even before app complets it’s review.

Does users will automatically get new UI changes(If I had any). Is this legal/fine/correct way to do?

Case 2: Deployed new code after app update is approved

Consider I’ll submit my app to store and then I deployed new code

What happens to the users which are not updated their apps from play store?

Do we need to take care of all these breaking changes or Is there any better approach to deal with these kind of things.

Any help appreciated.


You are allowed to update your app as regularly as you wish assuming you make no significant changes. Hot code push is really nice for this. There was an article that MDG put out a few months ago regarding this topic.

TL;DR under most circumstances you will not need to resubmit to the app store to push changes.

Thanks for the reply.

Can you give simple solution two my two cases(case 1 and case 2)?

I’ve never released a mobile meteor app but based on what I’ve read I would say the following

Case 1: Your users will get the update before the app is approved again.

Case 2: Your users will get the updates and you will not have to go through approval again.