How to take backup of Mongodb, App deployed using Mup js

Hi Everyone,

I need to know how to take backup of existing project in MongoDb. I tried using this

mongodump --port=27017 -o ./dump

Got the Error as:

`**2018-11-19T11:07:13.604+0000	Failed: error dumping metadata: error 
converting index (<nil>): conversion of BSON value '2' of 
type 'bson.Decimal128' not supported**`

And dump named folder is created consisting of metadata.json files of all collections but those files do not have data. Basically, bson files not created and got the error. I tried to figure out the solution and someone says it’s a version specific issue. Below is the result for version command.

Command : mongodump --version

**mongodump version: r3.2.21**
**git version: f207093c46939fd42f12980a058370c013c26338**
**Go version: go1.7**
**   os: linux**
**   arch: amd64**
**   compiler: gc**
**OpenSSL version: OpenSSL 1.0.2g  1 Mar 2016**

Meteor Version :
It would be great if anyone could help.