How to tell if user can access another user on client

So how to tell on client that Meteor.users.findOne isn’t going to return anything?

Press F12 and run that in your console.

You can also install Mongo Mini DB for Chrome, and get a visual understanding of your browser. Here’s mine.

No, like functional way, when there’s sensitive information that needs to
be updated, and say a user got hold of another user’s id. You can’t just
send the user file, and you don’t want to wait around for subscription to
serve the update if publication won’t let it happen.

You have the server do it.

Your front end application should never be doing database work. Ever.

You can however, do a call.“my_server_js_function”, userId_request, userId_target");

Then on server.js

my_server_js_function(userId_request, userId_target){
// do stuff
Meteor.users.update(userId_request, { …

Then, once you’ve set the updates from the server side, Meteor will automatically grab that new data if you have subscriptions :slight_smile:

I’m running an MMO this way. - come check out for research sake :wink:

Yes, how to tell if server is going to update sensitive info?

I dont understand your question. You must be more clear.

promise((resolve, catch)=>{
if (error) {
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