How to tell what is in minimongo, or query against it only?

Aside from destroying subscription specifically to check contents of minimongo, if you’re for example mapping your queries, and would rather not rerun computation for base of extended cursor, how do you for example get local/minimongo document _id list.

Could you provide a more specific example?

My first answer would be that if you are on the client, you are always checking Minimongo, but it sounds like you want something a little different

If I were to expand selector for query, and my current result set is shown as result of map function with custom sort for example, I’d rather just push the next batch from expanded selector into current result set from map function.

I think this may help (if I understand your question…):

No the idea is to know what the minimongo looks like during user runtime,
that is "give me all these recorcds exactly for minimongo, and then give me
all the similar ones from server but without records i got from minimongo.

Now you lost me completely… you are going to have to explain better what you need, with an example maybe?

I’m guessing that setting transform on client side find with field indicating that document has been ingested is the way to about this. That is for example if you’re setting custom sort order on client, and are extending boundaries of query with pagination, so that you first prerocess with query asking that the transformed field doesn’t exist and setting sort order on that with another transform, and then passing on extended boundary query to actual view.

Just realized transforms aren’t persistent. Which begs the question if they’re reactive if you join two documents? I suppose I’d have to make do with $nin operator with result of last query.