How to update cordova to the latest 6.4.0 in meteor

Cordova 6.4.0 is available, most of the plugin are still of good use with the previous version.

Unfortunately the latest cordova notification plugin ( require the latest
cordova version 6.4.0.

So the question is what would it take to have cordova version not bind to meteor version. Would it be possible to use npm to update cordova like any other npm package ?

I might be wrong but I believe that it is the latest piece that would enable meteor to have a longer release cycle without having much impact.

Any information on that mater, even pointer to what would it take to make it happens (for an eventual PR ) would be much appreciated


I completely agree, it would be really helpful if we could uncouple Cordova from Meteor releases. And I think the extra step of having people install Cordova through npm is worth the gain in transparency and the ability to update independently.

I think the main issue holding that back is that cordova-lib is currently included in the dev bundle and is relied on by CLI code in commands.js and commands-cordova.js. So you probably want to add checks to see whether cordova-lib has been installed and show installation instructions if it hasn’t.

You may also want to have a look at the CordovaProject class and the platform/plugin pinning we currently do.

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Cool, thank you for the informations it s super useful :slight_smile: I am going to have a look on it.

From MDG side do you have any information regarding the cordova update to the latest version ?

Is there a way to manually update Cordova in Meteor?

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Hi there, not at the moment. Martijn give very usefull pointer to modify Meteor code to do it manually.

Not enough time and sponsoring at the moment on my side to code a PR for this.

I have added a ticket in git to follow the subject :