How to update package without updating version


I have published a package and now I want to update its readme file without updating the version but it is not possible to do so. Does anyone know how will it be possible.

meteor publish --update


Thanks @robfallows It does update now.


Hi, be careful by doing so because no one already have installed your package will receive that update. The update procedure looks for changes to version-id and if not changed no update.

Now you could say … ok … README … not so important but think about:

Update README = Update PACKAGE = Update VERSION (last identifier is for absolutly minor but not functional important changes)

We only use meteor publish --update within a couple a minutes after deploying and getting some typos when reading on the web.

Just my 2cents


Thanks @tomfreudenberg


Note that it is impossible to update the actual package code after publishing - only the readme and description.