How to upgrade Meteor to a nightly build?

I want to start testing the work in the branch mongo-3.2, but there is no release for it yet. How can I set my project to use the Meteor developed there?

meteor update --release 1.3.3-rc.0

@Decider: mongo-3.2 is not part of 1.3.3-rc.0. It is planned to be released only with version 1.4.0.

Anyway, the question is broader than that. Is it possible to just use Meteor in a given project using any given commit from the repository?

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Oops, that’s a good point. I’m not sure but would also like to know the answer.

You can clone the Meteor repo, checkout the branch you’re interested in, then

cd meteor
./meteor ...

Check the README for info.

Yeah, try checking out the mongo-3.2 branch, and let us know if you find problems (not a proper beta release yet, but should be pretty solid I hope!).

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