How to upload files with svelte

Hi, I’ve been trying to upload files into a svelte meteor app for a few days unsuccessfully.
I’ve tried many packages, but:

  1. I can’t get the file from the upload directory. Outside public.
  2. I can only manage to upload into the meteor build.
  3. veliovgroup/ Meteor-Files subscription returns a cursor. but svelte expects an array.

If I just could figure out the 1st problem I would be happy to FTPS the images into the server and enter their info with a form.

This is the portfolio website I’ve done. All the content is hardwired in. I’m trying to implement the file upload to add projects more fluidly than writing them in JSON.

Do you have any recommendation?

I’ll appreciate It.

Update. I’ve managed to upload the images to the upload directory. But I haven’t managed yet to show them on the page.

<img src="uploads/image.jpg" /> doesn’t work
<img src="/uploads/image.jpg" /> neither