How to upload image in meteor project


i come to know that collectionFS is now deprecated. Is there any reliable way, where user can upload images (like facebook )


check this


Of course meteor-files:
It is a pretty good package:)


if you use amazon s3 you can use slingshot
and the have a tutorial con Meteor Chef is really easy


thanks everyone for the help …but is there any way i can make my app on my local machine and add all the features like uploading images by different users etc and then deploy it on external server like amazon s3 ?


Image upload has always been a pain for me - I’ve accomplished it before with collectionFS but it’s always far more complex than it should be. If there was one thing I wish could be built in to meteor it is image upload.


jonty who is your problem? i can upload on aws, and google storage, grid fs etc. its not than easy, but i can help you (i need a lot of help to start a uploads files). tell me, you follow the guide of meteor chef?