How to use a myCollection.rawCollection.distinct(myField) call on the client side?

I got this so far, but all it does is a console.log server side. How can i use this on the client side?

import { Mongo } from 'meteor/mongo';

export const col_personas = new Mongo.Collection('personas');

if (Meteor.isServer) {

  raw_col_personas.distinct("channel").then(distinctValues => 

On the client side, it’s mini mongo, it doesn’t has that feature (I think so).
You can call a method which return the distinctValues as result.

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But if I export this value, then it’s not dynamic, as in, I can’t pass variables to it and it will produce different results, from the client side, right?

That’s what I want to do.

Do you mean reactive?
I think it’s better to create a temporary/cache collection which stores the result of raw_col_personas.distinct("channel"). When channel collection changed, you update this collection.

ok, ill use reactive instead :slight_smile:

How do i trigger the update from the client side? Or is there a better way?

in my apps, there is only way that client can update data: method. So you can add code to that method to update cache collection.
There is another way, on the server you can use to watch the channel collection then call function to update cache collection.

Never read anything about “method” or “cursor”, trying to figure it out from the API manual. You know where I can find running examples? Using the raw collection. I’m gona keep reading. :slight_smile:

So my data is a bunch of individuals with a “department”. Every department has n sub departments. And an individual usually belongs to more than one subdepartment. The sub departments have random names.


UserId: 1
displayName: joe
department: sales
americanClient: disney
europpeanClient: siemens
australianClient: kanguru

I have a million of these, and i want to produce a list of the available distinct departments and sub departments. Mongo distinct is not available directly, and rawCollection distinct only works server side.

How do i do this?