How to use a specific datepicker class in autoform-bs-datetimepicker

autoform-bs-datetimepicker is a wrapper for bootstrap-datetimepicker/. In the bootstrap examples, #datetimepicker3 is just a time picker. How can I get just the time picker in Meteor/autoform?

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It’s late for reply…but I think it may help someone.

If you want to only display time field and hide date filed using above package then use following options as datetimepicker options.

someTimeInputFieldName: {
        type: String,
        label: 'Select Time'
        autoform: {
            afFieldInput: {
                type: "bootstrap-datetimepicker",
                dateTimePickerOptions: {
                    icons: {
                        up: "icon-up-open",
                        down: "icon-down-open"
                    format: 'HH:mm',
                    pickDate: false,
                    autoclose: true

pickDate option here hides date field.

Thanks. It was useful for me.