How to use browserify in Client to access event emitters of a NPM package

I have found an NPM package LOG-WATCHER (example name) that monitors a specific log file on a clients local file system. LOG-WATCHER emits events ‘START’, ‘ACTION’, ‘END’ and has methods START & STOP. Since this file is client side only I am using browserify to try and access it through the NPM package.
Steps I have taken:
-In my packages.json after adding npm I have added “LOG-WATCHER”: “1.0”
-After adding browserify in /client/lib app.browserify.js I have added logWatcher = require(“LOG-WATCHER”);
logWatcher should now be a global variable that I can call in other js.

My first issue is I am getting an error ReferenceError: logWatcher is not defined so I know that I have issues right off the start. However, if logWatcher was working how can I access one of the events START/ACTION/END through the logWatcher?

If I just run the js as a node through an npm install it would look like
var LogWatcher = require(‘LOG-WATCHER’);
var logWatcher = new LogWatcher();

logWatcher.on(‘START’, function (data) {