How to use custom SVG icons with izzilab:material-ui?

Trying to figure out a way to use a custom icon in izzilab:material-ui. I have the custom icon in a SVG file. Does it need processed into a sprite before I can use it in:

<SvgIcon {...this.props}>
        <path d="?????"></path>

If so, what is the best way to make this happen? Or, can I simply put the SVG in the public dir, and reference it directly?


This should definitely work!

You could also make it a component. That’s how Material UI handles them. Here’s an example. This way it would function consistently with the existing Material UI SVG icons.

Thanks for the ideas – looks like I still have a bit to learn in getting icons from inkscape to something I can embed in HTML.

The link is broken. Could you kindly update it?

They use a pure render function. Just check the source on github for any of their icons:

What would be the syntax to reference the SVG file?

You can just put in the path without /public