How to use display info to `Customer display` on Restaurant App?

Hi all, I would like to display item price, ... on Customer Display device from my Restaurant App.
I don’t have experience about this, please share me :pray:


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more information so anyone can help :wink:

I created the restaurant application.
And then I bought the Customer Display Device.
But I don’t have experience to connect/config
(or have any npm package about this)

I think you have to sum up what you are trying to make.
Is the Customer Display Device a device in Hardware or only a software component?

If it is a hardware device maybe considering using an arduino to drive the lcd and make a rest api or so…

You can contact me if you have further questions.

@fabianki, Thanks for your reply :sunny:
I bought the Customer Display Device (Hardware),
But I don’t know how to config/connect with my Meteor APP.
Please help me

Another try. Which of the thousands of Customer Display Device have you bought (please with a link).
How does this Customer Display Device gets the data? REST? HTTP Interface? SPI? Uart? MQTT? I2C?

If this information is not given than nobody can help you. Sorry to say that. We can only make guesses

I use this


ok than you have to add additional hardware that manages to talk via rs interface with the device and maybe use polling for data.
Maybe meteor is not the best solution for your case

Have any NPM/JS package to connect to this?

After I search it work fine on Desktop App of Windows.
(NOT Node/Meteor APP)

Maybe this can help:

@hluz thanks, There are recommends this too.
But now I am not clear how to use this package?