How to use groundDb package in Ionic + angular application?

Hi there,

How are you? Need your help to use groundDB in ionic+angular project.

I have an ionic + angular application and we have used Meteor DDP at server, at
present we have created client side collection in minimongo database which is
created in clientside memory. which gets clear when user removes application
from memory.

I want support offline feature & persistent storage on client-side, so when
application goes to offline mode it should display data from local database.

I found GroundDB suits better in my project but the challenge is there no out of
box GroundDB package to include in ionic project.

Do you have used GroundDB in ionic + angular project? if yes please share steps
to include GroundDB.

I also know that Meteoric is the solution for this but I dont want to use Meteor
for frontend, I want to use AngularJS.



Suyog Kale

Chief Software Architect

I used Ground db with Angular up to version 1.2 without any problem - however after that it caused an error and I am not sure if it was caused by Meteor or Angular Meteor.

This is one of the problem of the package system with Meteor - you are dependant upon the developer keeping the package up to date.

I would suggest using an Angular Local storage packing instead (it won’t be affected by Meteor changes) and loading the data from local storage to minimongo. Send me a private email if you want any help to use Local Storage.

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