How to use Ionic with Meteor and React


I am building a mobile application using Meteor 1.4 and React with cordova. I am looking for a Mobile UI Framework and the best one out there seems to be Ionic. But I am just not sure how I can use ionic with React.

I looked at packages like Meteoric and Reactionic. But Meteoric is no longer being maintained it seems and Reactionic is just a clone of Meteoric without dependency on Meteor.

The biggest issue to me seems to be using Angular and React together. I thought I could just download ionic locally to my project from CDN for ionic. But I can’t find any good documentation or article talking about using js features.

Any help would be appreciated. I am still open to moving to some other Mobile UI Framework if it fits well.

#2 seems to be heading the mobile ui race if you are using react/Angular. The other very popular one being if you are using blaze.

I am using onsenui with blaze though. And haven’t found anything to complain yet. Also the devs are super fast in replying to issues and the development is very active.

This blog post came literally 2/3 days ago I guess.

Hope it helps.