How to use match() in numtel:mysql

How should a server side SQL match against query look in numtel:mysql. I can’t get it quite right. If someone could show me an example that would be very helpful. Thanks in advanced.

Using the natural language example from the MySQL documentation, the following example provides a starting point for using the example query with efficient updating.

  // Supply regex that matches same results in Javascript
  var matcher = /database/i
  // liveDb is LiveMysql instance
  var matchedSelect =
    'SELECT * FROM articles WHERE MATCH (title,body) AGAINST (\'database\')',
        table: 'articles',
        condition: function(row, newRow){
          // Check if any relevant fields match
          // newRow only exists on UPDATE events
          var doRefresh =
            row.title.match(matcher)    !== null ||
            row.body.match(matcher)     !== null ||
            (newRow && (
              newRow.title.match(matcher) !== null ||
              newRow.body.match(matcher)  !== null));

          doRefresh && console.log('Refreshing match() query');

          return doRefresh;

This works but is not 100% perfect. The regex in this example will match strings containing the plural form, databases , while the MySQL query does not, resulting in possible unnecessary refreshes.

For an example of how to publish this result set, see the leaderboard example app.

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Thanks. Would it go in Meter.methods({}); or where the publish statements go?