How to use Meteor Compat Packages?

Sorry if this seems a newbie question, but I am actually quite confused here.

We have this wonderful resource here at Meteor Compatible Packages .

They are modified forks of very important Packages the Community uses a lot. The problem is that they share the exact same name of Atmosphere’s original packages. What happens when I simply, for instance, type meteor add iron:router . Am I adding the original package or this Compatible one? How to take advantage of the forked Packages?

Hi @juliomac! If you type meteor add iron:router the latest version of the package will be installed, which is the compat version in this case. The idea of keeping the same name is that you don’t need to change it in your app.

What defines whether you are getting the original version or the new compat one is the version number. So make sure you have iron:router@1.2.0 or above installed and you’re good to go!


Fantastic !!! It is so simply it hurts! I LOVE Meteor!

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