How to use Meteor services in Laravel website?

I have an application build on Laravel . Purpose of that application is to perform deliveries of goods. It involves real-time tracking.

On the other hand I am building same application on Angular & Meteor.

Meanwhile I want to store the tracking data in Meteor database (mongodb).

Is there anyway to access Meteor server into my Laravel application to show the real-time tracking?

What database are you using with Laravel?

I am using Mysql + PHP in Laravel project.

If you store your tracking data in MongoDB, Meteor will let you display your data in real time. Obviously you will need to be careful about just how frequently data is updated.

What could be the possible risk here? As i need tracking data in realtime. Currently i want to use tracking data in some laravel html file from a meteor server, I am actually re-developing the same application in angular- meteor. So mean while i want to use some of important features from the meteor server.