How to use meteor with iojs


I really love meteor project, but what i do not like about it, is that i have no control, what node version it use.
I am not able to configure it to use iojs. Have somebody any suggesting? Maybe will it have some mechanism of configuration in the future? Or should do not worry about that, and just use it?

for a first test you could symlink it!

i think the node bin is in ~/.meteor/packages/meteor-tool/1.0.41/meteor-tool-os.linux.x86_64/dev_bundle/bin

never tested it

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Don’t worry about that, and just use it :slight_smile:

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Obviously you need an appropriate/compatible version of fibers at the very least.
There are also some version checks which you’ll quickly come across.

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For one of our servers, we had to use specific versions of node. If you compile the meteor project (meteor build), you’ll get a vanilla node server. You can then use “n” or something similar to manage which versions of node are installed / used.

Does that help?

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Hi guys, thank you, for your answers!