How to use multiple useraccounts themes?



I am using the useraccounts package with iron:router. How can I use two different themes accross my app?

I want to use useraccounts:materialize in one part of my app (mobile iron:router controller) and useraccounts:bootstrap in another part of my app (admin).



Are you using autoform for the login forms?


No, I am using the useraccounts:core package.


Roll your own by cloning the github repo & mix & matching how you see fit, or use the aldeed template extensions package to just override a single template. Careful to not recreate Frankenstein’s monster with the overall look & feel.


Using the template extensions package sounds interesting. I will try using that, thanks.


Hey @timw,
I’m trying to add this exact feature to useraccounts@2.0.
@kestanous had this brilliant idea about having skins for the different front-end frameworks and it’s actually working :wink:
…at least for the very first tests I’m doing.

Please be patient for another couple months :wink:



Any updates on this? Where can I follow the progress?


lets have a look here.
It’s a very basic page but it’s what I’m using right now to follow my progress (which is very little due to lack of spare time…)

To be able to run it you should get a local clone of all v2.0 branches of core packages, plus some new one…

I hope to get going on on this in the next weeks



A lot of respect for your work splendido


thanks @timw, appreciated!