How to use mup-redis with mup-aws-beanstalk?

I am trying to setup mup-aws-beanstalk right now, for a project that is already configured using REDIS oplog using mup-redis.

mup-redis config requires a server to deploy REDIS on. In the non-beanstalk scenario, I just picked the same server my app was deployed to.

How does this work in combination with mup-beanstalk, i.e. how do I set this up so everything works smoothly?

Do I need a separate server for REDIS now, which would mean additional costs? And if so, what’s the recommended instance type for REDIS if it is running on its own?

Has anyone implemented this combination?

As answered in the other thread: Will it work with multiple instances of redis? · Issue #16 · ramezrafla/redis-oplog · GitHub