How to use Phonegap serve?



How can I use the ‘Phonegap serve’ command with MeteorJS?

When I cd into project/.meteor/local/cordova-build and run phonegap serve, all I get is a whitescreen on the devices I’m testing on (iPad and HTC One M7)

Any help appreciated.


@timw , did you find a way to do phonegap serve on meteor?


Out of curiosity, what are your reasons for wanting to use phonegap serve instead of letting Meteor serve the app? What would you expect your workflow to look like?


@martijnwalraven actually my real goal is to build my app on adobe phonegap build cause i dont have mac to build ios app


phonegap serve would be useful for people who have an iPhone but no Mac/Macbook. It can be an alternative to USB debugging as it only requires the iPhone user to install an app to communicate with your local server to preview the app.

More about phonegap serve: