How to use spiderable and iron-router on


I am using iron-router (and iron-router-i18n) in my app and want to use spiderable.
However I get a following page by ?_escaped_fragment_=

TypeError: 'undefined' is not a function (evaluating 'n[i].bind(this)')
<link ...>
<meta ...>

Organize your Meteor application.

Router.route('/', function () {
        this.render('Home', {
        data: function () { return Items.findOne({_id: this.params._id}); }
Check it out on Github: 

And check out the new Guide:

The content in head tag is empty and it seems to output the content of head into body by accident.

It works well if I deployed by meteor deploy --debug, but in this case, the app itself becomes extremely slow for loading.
How can I fix it?

I googled and found a similar case

But I have no idea of place to put a shim for Function.prototype.bind.
Where can I put it to load it before Meteor code?

My app has haven a long life.
Adding es5-shim resolved it.

@arunoda will tell you that Google deprecated the tech behind spiderable. Actually, now Google can read meteor apps as long as you use fast render.

Thank you for important information!
Fortunately, I am using fast render, but the search result is not good…
I guess that blocking by login shows google loading page.


Yes, I am a Japanese, but unfortunately I am living in country side of Japan, not Tokyo.
Tokyo is too far for me to join one meeting…

Ok, I have this problem as well and I am completely lost. Besides this thread I found some info, but nothing works. I have 2 clear situations in which the mentioned error message occurs: Google only indexes some of my pages properly, but the main page will show the error in the description, see image. Second case: when I try to share a page on Facebook, same thing (the other image).

Yes, I am on an older version of Meteor (pre-react). Can’t change that (of course I can change it, but haven’t got the time right now). I tried the ‘PhantomJS is missing Function.prototype.bind’ solution: no dice.

Any piece of information or tip is welcome. Please be verbose, I probably need more than half a sentence since I am deep in the f#ck1ng woods on this one. I don’t get it, I don’t know where to look. I am a desperate man.

If you know something that might help, but need additional info on what I use, or particular snippets of code: let me know. Thanks.