How to use `update file[0]` insert of `src file`

I would like to use any package such as convert-excel-to-json.
But it use src file (not upload file[0])

const json = excelToJson({
        sourceFile: '/Workbook2.xlxs', // Would like to use upload file[0]

I tried pass with file[0], get error

TypeError: _fs.readFileSync is not a function

Please help me

It looks like convert-excel-to-json only supports reading files of the filesystem, so you would need to do that on the serverside

What is file[0]? Can you show us how that variable is defined?

thanks for your reply.
I base on Meteor + Vue

// Vue template
        accept=".xlsx, .csv, .png, .jpg"
// Vue Method
    filePicked(event) {
      const files =
      if (files[0]) {
         const json = excelToJson({
              sourceFile: files[0],

Yeah, since your code is entirely on the client side, convert-excel-to-json won’t work

So you have two options:

  1. Find another package that does work on the client
  2. Upload it to the server side, save it to the file system, then pass it to excelToJson

Could you example, how to upload it to the server?'method', file[0], (err, res)=>{
   // .....

The simplest is to send the base64 encoded string as a parameter to a meteor call, but that will cause issues for larger files

Proper file uploads are a bit more difficult, so I would recommend using a package like Meteor Files (ostrio:files)

Thanks again, I will try.
ostrio:files VS cfs:standard-packages