How to use useraccounts:ionic?

I am ‘playing’ to create an Android/iPhone Cordova app with meteor, angular and ionic, Using following packages (among others) :

  • angular
  • driftyco:ionic
  • accounts:password
  • useraccounts:ionic
    Not sure now how to use useraccounts:ionic to style the default accounts template. Adding accounts-ui package and the {{> loginButtons}} template, I do get the ‘normal’ styled login templates. After adding the useraccounts:ionic package, I would expect the default (modal) form the be styled for ionic, but no changes are visible. What else needs to be done to enable the ionic styling on de the deafult login templates?

@adeknegt lets have a look at which should link also to the boilerplates for useraccounts packages.

@adeknegt i have the same problem. did you find any solution?

I am also confused with this, as using angular is kind of mandatory with ionic we should use angularui:angular-ui-router and not iron-router otherwise we can have problem i guess.
But uses iron router or flow router.

So, i am trying to find a way to use all the logic and ui of useraccount:ionic

Is this possible ?

When looking inside dotansimha:accounts-ui-angular package, we can notice that only directive is defined.

Should we add others like at_signup_link.html or am i missing something ?

thanks in advance,


@adeknegt @elemar

This is the example I used, it worked like a charm

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I found this detailed tutorial addressing the issue , An Angular Meteor & Ionic Framework Basic Accounts Demo .