How to view in HTML one data returned from method in imports folder

I have been using meteor 1.6.1 on Mac.

The list of items is showing fine in my browser, but when I try to set the returned variable “selectedItem” after making click in a button. The content of the variable is not visible in the browser. (I can see the returned data with console.log(selectedItem);

//my method is inside: imports/components/items.js

myTask() {
        this.selectedItem = new ReactiveVar('');
        this.allTasks = Tasks.find({}, {
            sort: {
                createdAt: -1
        selectedItem = this.allTasks.fetch()[0].text;
        return selectedItem;

Fragment of HTML:

    <li ng-repeat="task in $ctrl.tasks" ng-class="{'checked': task.checked}">
        <span class="text">

<button class="random-btn" ng-click="$ctrl.myTask()">GetMyTask</button>
<label class="myselectedClass">Jebus!! {{ selectedItem }}</label>

Any suggestion?.