How to work with windows and linux versions of meteor

I get the following message if I run a project from a linux repository…

This project uses METEOR@, which isn't available on Windows. To work with this app on
all supported platforms, use meteor update --release WINDOWS-PREVIEW@0.3.0 to pin this app to
the newest Windows-compatible release.

instead of updating, I do meteor run --release WINDOWS-PREVIEW@0.3.0

and run into

=> Started proxy.
=> Started MongoDB.
=> Errors prevented startup:

While checking for fourseven:scss@2.0.0:
error: No compatible build found

=> Your application has errors. Waiting for file change.

Is this a bug? a problem with running across platforms? packages needing to know about windows? or something else?

This problem is temporary. We are also working on improving that error message. I think it should say something like the following:

The package fourseven:scss@2.0.0 has not yet been published for Windows. Please contact the developer and request that they publish it for your platform.

Except don’t actually contact fourseven yet because there is a snag or two to iron out with publishing these packages.