How to write meteor migration script to insert one collection data to another collection?


i need to insert one collection data to another collection. how can i write migration script for this purpose. card payments and corporate customer payment are two collections.

corporate customer payment collection has below attributes customerID,outsTanding,date,amount,headOfficeId,insertDate

cards payment collection has below attributes customerID,amount,card,packageId,cardId,classType,expireDate,headOfficeId,insertDate

i’m inserting cards payment collection following datas to corporate customer payment collection.

CustomerID -> card.customerID

outsTanding -> card.cartId

date -> card.insertDate

amount -> card.amount

headOfficeId ->card.headOfficeId

so how can i apply this change for old datas. how need i write meteor migration for up and down functions. anyone who had this issue assist me. thanks


There is an Atmosphere package that may help you.

“A simple migration system for Meteor supporting up/downwards migrations and command line usage.”

Hope that helps!


Use Studio 3T which is a mongo editor.

You can right click a field, and rename the field for the entire database based on the current query.